A Beautiful Book

Quick Details

  • Personal-development / encouragement / self-help genres
  • First published in 2017, small updates in 2020 Global edition
  • Manufactured to full bookstore quality
  • Printed in various countries by Lulu.com
  • Ships directly from the printer (It is not available in stores, or Amazon)
  • 192 pages
  • Available in affordable paperback for only $20 Canadian dollars (Around $13.99 USD) plus shipping and taxes
  • A breath of positivity in a world of negativity


Look Inside

  • A to/from page where the giver can sign the book
  • A quick two-page intro to the book
  • 182 self-contained vignettes covering many important subjects
  • Original inspiring quotations
  • Insightful commentaries
  • Space to journal aha moments with every vignette
  • A brief (one page) bio of the author
  • Take a look at more sample pages by clicking the thumbnails below


NOTE:- In late April 2020, our long-term printing partner (LULU) made sweeping changes to their business system and website. Since they have left tens of thousands of authors wondering what happens now, we have lost confidence in their ability to serve our needs and to fulfill customer orders. If you are interested in the book, please contact us via the contact form, and we will be in touch when we once again have confidence in a printing company, either Lulu or some alternative we are currently exploring. – Kenneth