Hello, and welcome to this website. My name is Kenneth James Kerr, and I’m honored to encourage people through both my writing, and speaking.

We all need a bit of encouragement these days. All-too-often our media is negatively biased, our news is full of doom and gloom, and we face negative people and stressful situations daily. While some people may say “That’s life” and throw up their arms in despair, I personally feel that we don’t have to focus on the negative polarity 24/7.

Negativity need not become our inner reality, and it never has to be accepted as our personal lot in life, especially when it sometimes feels that way!

If you agree with me, then I invite you to explore this site to learn about my book This Book is the Perfect Gift. I also invite you to subscribe to the blog/news, follow me on social media, or get in touch through the contact page in the menu. I’m here to serve and encourage you.

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