Author James Whittaker with his copy of the book

Many of you have read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Recently, a movie came out based on that book, and in conjunction with it a book was published entitled “Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.” The man behind both the movie and the book is James Whittaker, and I am delighted to share that he’s also an enthusiastic reader of “This Book is the Perfect Gift.” James just sent me the above picture, along with this statement. “This Book is the Perfect Gift is an excellent book. It provides practical, easy to understand tips for people of all backgrounds to, first, be grateful for the gifts in their possession and, two, to take proven steps to improving their life.” I am grateful to James for this endorsement, and it will be added to those in the book already. Learn more about his work at

One thought on “Author James Whittaker with his copy of the book

  1. What a lovely endorsement, Kenneth!

    James Whittaker is absolutely correct. I agree with him.

    My copy has been a delight to dip into and find nuggets of encouragement within, since receiving my special copy from you as a “Perfect Gift” in December 2018.

    Very best wishes,

    Holly x


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