Yorkton Journaling workshop is a great success

On the evening of April 17, approximately 18 people gathered in the classroom of the Life Learning Centre in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, to enjoy the first-ever presentation of my workshop on Journaling. The presentation is titled “A life worth living is a life worth recording” and it covers three areas.

  • The basic level of Journaling
  • Going deeper with Journaling
  • The methods of Journaling

It’s much more than a discussion on the mechanics and benefits of journaling, it’s an opportunity to delve into some of the fundamentals of personal development, and with seven brief exercises incorporated into the event, it becomes a journey of self discovery that can begin or accelerate a process of personal change and evolution.

The inaugural event went very well, with one participant later sharing this sentiment on facebook. “Best workshop I’ve attended to address what journaling can be and its benefits.”

I’ve been asked this morning if I’d hold the workshop in another town, and the answer is YES.  So, if you’d like to have me come to your town or city, and are willing to help arrange the event, get in touch with me via the contact form in the main menu.

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