A Business Gift

The Branded Paperback – A Business Card on Steroids!

  • The business card is the standard contact information tool in the commercial world
  • Giving gifts of appreciation to clients, employees, suppliers, etc, is also a standard business practice
  • The branded edition of the book combines the utility of these two practices into one beautiful package
  • Your full-color logo is placed on the front cover, with the words “A gift of appreciation from”
  • For real estate brokers we can say “A housewarming gift from…”
  • The greeting on the to/from page is re-written to reflect your corporate culture or personal message
  • Your full-color logo is placed on the back cover
  • We add you business address, phone number, e-mail, and website URL to the back cover
  • You now have an inexpensive gift of true value that doubles as a business card on steroids, clients won’t lose this!

Make it Work for You with Multiple Applications

  • Is there a valued staff member or employee about to retire? Give them a branded book as one of their retirement gifts
  • Is someone in your office worthy of a token of praise for a job well done? The branded book makes a great recognition gift
  • Is a new employee joining your business? Welcome them with the branded book
  • Realtors, give the branded book to your clients when you give them the keys to their new home
  • Real estate brokers, create a branded book and have your agents buy it from you as needed – Zero cost branding for you!
  • Auto dealers, put a branded book on the dashboard of your client’s new car when they take delivery
  • Gyms and health clubs, brand the book and include it in your membership package, it is holistic and healthful
  • Personal Development Bloggers – Brand the book and sell it from your website
  • Dentists and Chiropractors, what a great Christmas gift the branded book makes
  • Financial advisors, if you normally send out Christmas cards, why not send out a branded/Personalized book instead this year?
  • Network Marketers, this is an incredible gift to give to a new team member when they sign into you downline
  • MLM corporations, brand the book with your logo and unique message, make it available as a training tool from your website
  • Direct sales people, do you do tradeshows? The branded book can be a give-away or door prize (as in real-life above photo)
  • Give copies of the branded book to the welcome-wagon lady
  • The list could go on and on, use your imagination to find more ways to put the branded book to work for your business

What is the Cost?

  • Getting the branded book working for you is VERY affordable!
  • There is zero set-up fee for orders of 1,000 copies or more
  • Healthy discounts from the standard cover price will also be given, depending on quantity required
  • Ready to learn more? Fill in the form below, send it, and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your requirements


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