A Personal Gift

Some Great Gift Suggestions!

  • Buy multiple copies in advance to save on shipping, and then give them out one-by-one as needed
  • Buy a copy for someone who lives far away from you and have the printer drop-ship it to them
  • Family birthdays – Think of your Mum, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Older Children, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Nephews, Nieces, etc
  • Friend’s birthdays – You know someone who has a birthday next month. Who comes to mind right now?
  • Who has a wedding anniversary coming up?
  • Who is just about to graduate from high school, college, or university? Help them build a mindset of positivity with this book
  • Who just moved into the neighborhood and has kids the same age as yours? What a way to make them feel welcome
  • Who did something nice for you? Here’s a way to say thank you
  • Is a friend moving away to another town? Give them a copy and sign it with your best regards for their future
  • Does someone you know need a word of encouragement? Are they sad? Brighten their day with this book
  • Who is the most helpful person in your local grocery store? Tell them with this book
  • Do you appreciate one of your kid’s teachers? Show them with this book
  • Would your local church minister like this?
  • Give a copy to your doctor with your thanks for their care
  • Who do you know that’s too busy to read? – With two minutes a day they can read this and gain value from it!
  • Is there a statutory holiday coming up? Give a copy on Canada Day, or Independence Day in the USA
  • And do you really need to wait until the last minute for Christmas shopping? No. Order now!
  • AND don’t forget to get a copy for yourself – YOU ARE WORTH IT TOO.
  • Business gift ideas can be found HERE



NOTE:- In late April 2020, our long-term printing partner (LULU) made sweeping changes to their business system and website. Since they have left tens of thousands of authors wondering what happens now, we have lost confidence in their ability to serve our needs and to fulfill customer orders. If you are interested in the book, please contact us via the contact form, and we will be in touch when we once again have confidence in a printing company, either Lulu or some alternative we are currently exploring. – Kenneth