6. About Kenneth

Why do I write books, blogs, lectures, and courses? I write because I have to. I write because I cannot help myself. I write because it is an extension of who I am. There’s something special about writing, something extraordinary about holding a book in your hands that originated in your heart. I write to touch lives, to encourage people… Who knows, maybe someone in a thousand years will be touched by words I was blessed to have penned. And maybe today, I can encourage you.” – Kenneth

Kenneth James Kerr likes to tell people he is Scottish by race, English by birth, and Canadian by choice. His career successes have included Real Estate Sales, Christian Ministry, Network Marketing, and the ownership of a Computer Software company which produced Flight Simulation products that were sold in stores across the world.

However, his passion has always been writing. He has authored more than ten books including Network Marketing training manuals, Personal Development paperbacks, Biographies, and even a Science Fiction novel. He also served three Canadian prairie newspapers as a journalist, these being The Carlyle Observer, The Kipling Citizen, and The Miner Journal in Esterhazy. He then launched his independent news website (Esterhazy Online) in 2013, a site that continues to operate as a community announcer in conjunction with a local credit union.

Kenneth is passionately interested in the field of Personal Development and Spirituality. It first caught his attention with the incorporation of psychology into his business studies courses at college in the late 1970’s. It was then expressed through traditional theology in his Christian ministry in the 1980’s. Later, his views would evolve into a more holistic spiritual concept, and this evolution has been captured in his most recent writings over the last five years.

With his latest book, “This Book is the Perfect Gift”, Kenneth brings it all together, drawing from his vast experience to present a feast of profound ideas to Enlighten, Enrich, and Encourage people along the journey of life.

Kenneth may be reached via the contact menu item on this site, and is available to serve your community, club, church or company as a keynote speaker. You can also follow him on Facebook.