Why this book?

People today are in desperate need of encouragement. The mainstream news blasts us with doom and gloom 24/7. Popular movies are full of depressing themes, and video games are seldom better. Since we are bombarded with negativity all the time, it’s little wonder that feelings of depression, discouragement, fear, doubt, and worry are commonplace. Anxiety is at an all-time-high, and doctors give out anti-depressants like they were candy.

You’ve probably noticed a growing sense of ill-at-ease in society today. You see it in conversations around the water cooler at work. You hear it in line-ups at the grocery store, and it’s even seen in things like road rage and crimes of hatred. In fact, nobody is immune to the depressing influences, you might even have felt it yourself, like an emotional itch that you can’t seem to scratch.

The ideas we are exposed to influence our thoughts. Our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings manifest in our actions, and our actions create our results in life. Clearly, it is time to add a regular diet of positive material to our lives!

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