1. About the Book

What is the purpose of the book?

This beautiful book is published with two goals in mind. First:- To “Enlighten, Enrich, and Encourage people along the journey of life.” Second:- To be an affordable gift that people can give to friends or family, and companies can give to clients or staff.

From readers in numerous countries around the world, the feedback is unanimous. They’re calling it Beautiful, Wonderful, Life-changing, Authentic, and Inspirational. It’s bringing a dose of positivity to people who spend even just a few minutes a day with it. It’s making them think, helping them grow, and allowing them to journal their thoughts on what they’re reading. No wonder our readers become such fans of it.

It’s also being purchased as a gift. At trade shows I’ve had husbands buying a copy to give to their wife, and vice versa. At book readings I’ve seen grandmothers buying five or six copies as Christmas gifts for their family. A radio station ordered 25 copies to give to key advertisers. A financial advisor bought 50 copies to give to clients, and an auto dealer took 15 copies to give to members of their staff.

Why is it being so enthusiastically accepted?

Maybe it’s the need. People are sick and tired of being inundated with bad news, they’ve had it with negative conversation and the prevailing doom and gloom mentality. This book provides them with a one-stop source of good ideas that can encourage them, and a veritable feast of profound wisdom to inspire them to be the best they can be.

Maybe it’s the format. The book contains 182 independent vignettes, each with an original quotation, a commentary, and space in which to jot down notes or journal one’s feelings. This allows for flexibility of reading, and also encourages ownership and interaction with the material, making each copy of the book intensely personal and unique to the reader.

Maybe it’s the method. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen people ruffle the pages, open the book at a random page, and then shake their head in wonder because it’s something they were just thinking about, or it addresses a challenge they’ve been facing in their life. Call it synchronicity, or destiny, or just plain luck, it’s almost uncanny… and people love it!

How about you?

How could you benefit from this breath of fresh air? Could it make you smile more? Could it encourage you to take time to smell the roses and be grateful? Might it inspire you to get in touch with the divine? Could it cause you to re-kindle your dreams, appreciate your family more, or just luxuriate in the blessing of life?

And who would you buy it for? Would your parents appreciate it? How about your siblings? Your spouse? Maybe your adult children? Is there a friend that would enjoy it? Are you a realtor who’d give a copy to clients along with the keys to their new home? Are you a car dealer who’d put a copy on the dashboard of the car as the proud new owner is about to drive off the lot? Are you a multi-level marketer who’d share it with your downline or customers?

And when would you give it? Is there a family birthday coming up? How about an anniversary, or a graduation? How about Christmas? Is someone retiring from your business? Is someone worthy of recognition or deserving of appreciation? This book truly IS the perfect gift. A gift for any occasion, a gift for all ages, and a gift that makes a positive difference.

As you reflect on how you’re going to use this book, I invite you to read some testimonials to see what others are saying about it. HERE.