5. Affiliate Program

Thank you for coming to this page to learn about the affiliate program for This Book is the Perfect Gift. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, we define an “affiliate” as someone who tells other people about the book, encourages them to buy copies, and then earns a share of the purchase price of those orders. An affiliate is not an employee, because everything they do is a form of casual or self-employment, and there’s no employment relationship to the author or his company. An affiliate is not a salesperson, because there are no externally-imposed targets, or geographically-limiting territories. Simply put, the best affiliate starts off as a purchaser of the book, then becomes a fan of it, and then tells people about it out of their enthusiasm for the book itself.

Based on the above, there are only three essential qualifications to becoming an affiliate. If you fulfill these you may apply right now!

  • You must have previously bought a copy of the book, any edition, paperback or hardback
  • You must be reading from it every day, and have a genuine love for it
  • You must be willing to enthusiastically tell people about it, encouraging them to order copies for personal reading, or to give as gifts

There’s NO COST to becoming an affiliate, and if you are successful in your application, we’ll set up a web link that you can send people to. When they order books from your link, you will earn a commission. The rate is $5 CAD per book if you are based in Canada, and $4 USD if you are based in the USA. Other countries will open up in the future. Commission is paid two months after the sale is made (this allows the printer to factor in any damaged, lost, or returned shipments – yes it happens to the best of us!). The affiliate program only covers the standard paperback edition at this time, however, if you are instrumental in helping us secure a branded edition contract, you will be given a share of the setup fee as a token of our appreciation.

Needless to say, we offer no guarantees of income for any affiliate. What you do with this opportunity is entirely up to you. However, Christmas is a-coming, and that means everyone you know will begin shopping for gifts soon. That means more opportunity for all of us as we promote this beautiful book!

Ready to apply?

Send the author an email using the contact form HERE.