Business program coming soon!

Coming VERY soon… We will introduce our brand-new business program. It will be aimed squarely at providing businesses (all sizes) with the option of buying books at volume discounts to give to their prospects, clients, and contacts. We will also be launching our sales opportunity at the same time, where people can represent this program to local businesses, and earn a commission on sales. Watch for the announcement shortly!

New version and new ordering options

We have gone back to the drawing board and re-designed the paperback book into Version 2. The 182 vignettes are exactly the same (so existing customers don’t have to buy it again), but we’ve moved the testimonials to the back cover, have eliminated the subject index, and have cut the introduction down from five pages to only two. The result is a more streamlined version that makes it easier for us to produce multiple editions for numerous international markets, and also for corporate clients.

The first big benefit to this re-design is that new paperback editions have now been released specifically for the US, Canadian, British, and Australian markets. Each edition has been created in the country-specific store on Lulu (our printer), and this means these editions have a fixed cover price in the local currency, and are no longer subject to variations based on exchange rates. The fixed cover price for the USA edition is $14.99 USD. The fixed cover price for the Canadian edition is $21.50 CDN. The fixed price of the British edition is £10.99. The fixed price of the Australian edition is $19.99 AUD. (All prices plus taxes and shipping of course). These prices will also be reflected on the redesigned back cover for each country-specific edition.

What’s also important is that USA editions (when ordered from the US store) are produced in and mailed from US printing facilities. The same goes for Canadian, British, and Australian editions. If you order from a specific country, using the specific country store, your books are priced in the country-specific currency, and then printed and shipped from a facility in that country. This initiative supports jobs in each local market, and should reduce both shipping costs and delivery times. We will be adding specific editions for other countries shortly, where Lulu has local production facilities in those countries.

The deluxe hardback edition is still available, and remains unchanged. It includes the expanded introduction with eight suggested ways of using the book, the subject index, and 18 additional vignettes bringing the total number to 200 vignettes in a case-wrapped, red linen hardback design. The hardback is priced in US dollars as it is manufactured in the USA, (although shipped internationally). The cost of the hardback is $24.99 USD (plus taxes and shipping).


Webcaster Bobby D with his copy of the book

The book has made it down to Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here’s Webcaster “Bobby D” down at the beach this morning, sharing his copy of the book with the statue of Brazilian Poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Not sure what the poet had to say, but here’s what Bobby says. “This Book is the Perfect Gift is absolutely loaded with bite size life enriching wisdom. Author Kenneth James Kerr sure knows how to stimulate and expand our minds for growth no matter how well we think we are doing.” Note the world-famous Sugarloaf Mountain in the background! More about Bobby D’s work at


Author James Whittaker with his copy of the book

Many of you have read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Recently, a movie came out based on that book, and in conjunction with it a book was published entitled “Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.” The man behind both the movie and the book is James Whittaker, and I am delighted to share that he’s also an enthusiastic reader of “This Book is the Perfect Gift.” James just sent me the above picture, along with this statement. “This Book is the Perfect Gift is an excellent book. It provides practical, easy to understand tips for people of all backgrounds to, first, be grateful for the gifts in their possession and, two, to take proven steps to improving their life.” I am grateful to James for this endorsement, and it will be added to those in the book already. Learn more about his work at

Author Steve D’Annunzio with his copy of the book

It is a great delight to share this picture on the website. This is author and spiritual teacher Steve D’Annunzio, a great mentor of mine from whom I have learned so much. When I completed the book, I asked Steve if he would review it and share his thoughts about it. He agreed, and this is what he had to say. “Using the wisdom contained in this sweet book as my daily morning ritual has helped me begin each day at the top of the spiritual mountain. Everything else is downhill from there. Thank you Kenneth, the book is aptly named.” I invite you to learn about Steve’s work at