Author James Whittaker with his copy of the book

Many of you have read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Recently, a movie came out based on that book, and in conjunction with it a book was published entitled “Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.” The man behind both the movie and the book is James Whittaker, and I am delighted to share that he’s also an enthusiastic reader of “This Book is the Perfect Gift.” James just sent me the above picture, along with this statement. “This Book is the Perfect Gift is an excellent book. It provides practical, easy to understand tips for people of all backgrounds to, first, be grateful for the gifts in their possession and, two, to take proven steps to improving their life.” I am grateful to James for this endorsement, and it will be added to those in the book already. Learn more about his work at

Online Video Strategy Established

Well, it took about three months to solidify my online video strategy, but at last the decision has been made, and the focus has been placed exclusively on the YouTube platform. Yes, I know that I spent several months messing around with Instagram TV, and even placed more than 50 videos on it, but (in my opinion) IGTV has a long way to go before it’ll be taken seriously as a “go-to-place” by online video watchers. So, with no regrets, and with good intentions for the future, it’s full steam ahead with YouTube.

The YouTube channel is called “Encourage Me Online” and if you search for that term within YouTube you’ll find us. But you can also use your browser and type in “” and that URL will similarly take you to the channel. (Clicking on the photo above will take you there too!)

So, what can you expect from this channel?

  1. Several new videos released every month initially.
  2. Videos will typically be less than 10 minutes in duration.
  3. Just like the book, the videos are intended to “Enlighten, Enrich, and Encourage you along the journey of life.”
  4. Some videos will directly relate to vignettes within the book itself. If you enjoy the book you will love the channel. If you enjoy the channel you will love the book!
  5. The focus will be on the material itself, not on glitzy or fancy editing. It’s just me and my iPhone, and I film the videos in one continuous take with no post-production editing. This keeps it authentic and spontaneous.
  6. There will be times when I shamelessly promote the book, hey, I’m trying to create a business here too.
  7. There will be times when I ask viewers to SUBSCRIBE, and/or to SHARE the video. My intention is to encourage millions of people, and I cannot do it alone.

So, I invite you to go onto the channel right now to watch a couple of the videos. SUBSCRIBE when you are there, that way you can be kept up to date with new releases. And yes, tell your friends about it too. Share links to the videos on your Facebook page if you like, let’s get encouraging people.

Finally, I will keep an updated list of the videos on this website. The menu item “Free Videos” will access that list.

Enjoy “Encourage Me Online”

Love and Light,


Author Steve D’Annunzio with his copy of the book

It is a great delight to share this picture on the website. This is author and spiritual teacher Steve D’Annunzio, a great mentor of mine from whom I have learned so much. When I completed the book, I asked Steve if he would review it and share his thoughts about it. He agreed, and this is what he had to say. “Using the wisdom contained in this sweet book as my daily morning ritual has helped me begin each day at the top of the spiritual mountain. Everything else is downhill from there. Thank you Kenneth, the book is aptly named.” I invite you to learn about Steve’s work at

Author Emily A. Francis with her copy of the book

Nice to receive this picture from my fellow author, Emily A. Francis. Emily says this about my book, “This beautiful book really is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a daily reminder to embrace life! Filled with daily affirmations and explanations to lift your spirit and change the perspective. I recommend this to everyone who needs a pick me up and a reminder that life is a sacred gift that is meant to be treasured.” If you use Instagram, please give Emily a like or follow @emilyafrancisbooks.

Hardback now available

The first copy of the new deluxe edition arrived today, and after a quick review, I am delighted to officially sign it off as being available for ordering direct from the printer.

The deluxe edition comes exclusively in a red-linen hardback format (complete with dust jacket), and represents an expansion of the original paperback. It adds a further 18 vignettes to the original text, bringing the total to 200. The paperback is also still available unchanged, and with this new edition readers now have greater choice in both available format, and amount of material covered.

  • The original paperback comes in at $14.99 US dollars, and covers 182 vignettes. (ORDER THE PAPERBACK HERE )
  • The deluxe hardback comes in at $24.99 US dollars, and adds 18 new vignettes to the original text, bringing the total to 200 vignettes. (ORDER THE HARDBACK HERE)

Please note, there are no plans at this time to offer an e-book version as that would negate the very popular journaling aspect of the printed volumes.

The book helps celebrate Summer Solstice in Yorkton

Interesting day. I had laser treatments in both eyes this afternoon as glaucoma prevention. Meanwhile, outside the doctor’s office the street was closed for the summer solstice street festival. There, Laurie Renton was setting up her financial services booth. Laurie is an amazing advocate of my book. She gave copies to her clients as Christmas gifts last year, and presented one to best-selling author Robert Holden in Scotland this Spring. She had a draw at her booth, and a copy of my book was the prize. So grateful for this beautiful friend and encourager.

Best-selling author Robert Holden receives a copy of the book

I am delighted to report that a copy of my book has just been given to best-selling author Robert Holden at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. He received the book from reader Laurie Renton of Yorkton Saskatchewan. Laurie is a financial advisor and has already purchased 50 copies to give to clients.

Robert Holden is considered Britain’s foremost expert on happiness. He is the founder of the Happiness Project which runs an eight-week course annually. He is the author of 10 best-selling books including Loveability, Happiness NOW!, and Success Intelligence. He gives public lectures worldwide and holds public and corporate workshops and seminars for companies such as Dove, Virgin, The Body Shop and Unilever. He has been featured in two BBC documentaries, does a weekly talk radio show on Hay House Radio, and has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.