The first TV show has now been taped


My thanks to host Peter Francks for having me on his show with Access Communications today. This was the first-ever Television appearance for “This Book is the Perfect Gift”, and it was a great experience. We arrived at the studio in Yorkton just before 10:00 a.m., and taping began about ten minutes later. The show lasted for one hour, and it was both informal and informative.

Not sure when it will air, but it might be at different dates and times across the Access television network. I will see if I can get a schedule as soon as possible, and then post it here and on Facebook. The show will be broadcast across the province of Saskatchewan. In the meantime, remember to check out the recording of the recent radio appearance too. It’s ready to play on-demand in the sidebar of this website, and in another newsblog post further down this page.



Listen to the first radio interview

As promised, here is the recording of the first radio interview for the book. You can listen to the audio by using the player below. The interview took place at THE ROCK 98.5 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and it was aired on Monday, October 16. Our thanks to the station for making this recording available. A link has also been placed in the sidebar for easy future reference.


A book returns “Home”


It’s the stuff that news stories are made of… In a stunning move of coincidence or synchronicity, a copy of “This Book is the Perfect Gift” has returned “home.” Let me explain.

In the above picture, you see a lifelong friend of mine, Iris Tinto, holding a just-delivered copy of the book. Iris is the Clinical Manager, and Accredited Psychotherapist at Corby Mind, a facility offering social, emotional and practical support for adults experiencing mental distress in the Corby area. This particular copy of the book will be added to the resource library in the building and made available as an encouragement to staff and clients alike.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. I was raised in Corby, Northamptonshire, England. And, I know the Corby Mind building very well. It used to be the manse for the Church of the Epiphany, and during my childhood I was friends with the son of the minister. Not only that, the building is located less than 200 feet from the very house I grew up in!

Who would ever have imagined, during those days of childhood play, that fifty years later a book with my name on it (written on the Canadian prairies) would reside in that very structure, with the intention to enlighten, enrich, and encourage people.


First ever radio interview for the book!


October 10, 2017, will forever be rememberered as the date of the first ever radio interview for “This Book is the Perfect Gift.” The location was Yorkton, Saskatchewan, the station was The Rock 98.5. Originally, it was planned that the interview would take place live on the air, however, with the race in progress to elect a new leader of the Provincial Government, a political interview bumped me from the live schedule at the last minute.

But, all was not lost! One of the recording studios was free, so radio host Jordan and I used it to do a half-hour pre-recorded interview instead. It went well too, covering such topics as:-

  • My career background
  • How the book came about
  • What the book encompasses
  • The nature of enlightenment
  • The need for the book in today’s negative-minded society
  • Reading select vignettes from the book
  • Illustrating the way in which the mind’s perception is controlled by our focus
  • Examples of where the book has gone so far

The interview went so smoothly it was completed in one take, and will need little editing (with the exception of where I had to clear my throat once!). All being well, it will be aired next week.

Once I have confirmation of the airing time, I’ll plan to go to the station at that time. During the interview we put out the invitation for people to come to the station to purchase autographed copies, so I’ll want to be on hand for that opportunity to meet and greet the public.

Great experience! Thanks to the guys and gals at The Rock for this opportunity.


PS… All being well, I’ll get a copy of the interview to upload to this website!

This is what 100 books look like!


It’s the first week of October, and I’ve just received the largest single shipment of books from the printer to date.¬† I use a print-on-demand service, which simply means I order any quantity of books I need, as I need them. Gone are the old days of vanity publishing, when an author had to buy a garage-load of books right from the get-go.

And so, this is what 100 books look like. It’s a milestone moment, especially knowing that 30 of these copies are already pre-sold to a single corporate client who is giving them as Christmas presents this year. As for the rest? I’m on the radio next week and will be staying there for an hour after my live interview. This will allow people from the local Yorkton area to come to the station to buy autographed copies. Looking forward to that experience.