Branded Book Program

Everyone is familiar with the business card, it’s been the standard contact tool for generations. Most business professionals are also familiar with giving gifts of appreciation to clients, employees, and key contacts at various times and for various purposes.

What if you could combine the two?

What if you could give someone a gift of genuine lasting value that would also become a “business card on steroids”?

You can. Introducing the Branded Edition of my encouraging book. “This Book is the Perfect Gift.”

The book was designed from the outset to be a gift that adds genuine lasting value to the recipient. And now we’re expanding the utility by offering a branding service that…

  1. Adds your full color logo (or name) to the front cover, along with the words “A gift of appreciation from” (See above image)
  2. Adds a custom greeting page that shares your message with the recipient, along with your logo (greyscale). It also has space for you to write in the recipients name, and for you to sign it.
  3. Adds a small version of your full colour logo on the back cover, along with your company contact details. (address, phone number, website).

Business cards are easily mislaid, but when people find a book they enjoy or get something from, they keep it for a lifetime! Not only will they associate you with the good feelings they get from the book, but they’ll never lose your contact details because they’re right on the back cover.

This is the perfect branding gift for:-

  • Real estate brokers and agents
  • Auto dealers
  • Insurance agents
  • Financial advisors
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Church ministers
  • Service organizations
  • Network marketing companies and distributors
  • ANYONE who wants a personalized gift!

There is a set-up/customization fee, and then several levels of book price. Contact me for details by filling in the form at the contact page HERE. Tell me a bit about your business, (or your individual requirements), and give me an idea of how many books you might need in your first order (this is what sets your book price), and I will be in touch.

– Kenneth