Yorkton Journaling workshop is a great success

On the evening of April 17, approximately 18 people gathered in the classroom of the Life Learning Centre in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, to enjoy the first-ever presentation of my workshop on Journaling. The presentation is titled “A life worth living is a life worth recording” and it covers three areas.

  • The basic level of Journaling
  • Going deeper with Journaling
  • The methods of Journaling

It’s much more than a discussion on the mechanics and benefits of journaling, it’s an opportunity to delve into some of the fundamentals of personal development, and with seven brief exercises incorporated into the event, it becomes a journey of self discovery that can begin or accelerate a process of personal change and evolution.

The inaugural event went very well, with one participant later sharing this sentiment on facebook. “Best workshop I’ve attended to address what journaling can be and its benefits.”

I’ve been asked this morning if I’d hold the workshop in another town, and the answer is YES.  So, if you’d like to have me come to your town or city, and are willing to help arrange the event, get in touch with me via the contact form in the main menu.

Getting ready for the Journaling workshop on April 17th…

I have kept a daily journal for the past 13 years, and it has served me more than I can say. For that reason, I am delighted to be giving a workshop tomorrow night in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, on the subject “A life worth living is a life worth recording.”

In the 2-hour event, I’ll go into:-

a) The basics of journaling.

b) The benefits of journaling.

c) The methods of journaling.

This won’t just be a lecture, it will be an experience, as I weave at least six 5-minute exercises into the presentation for participants to work on. It will also allow us to dig into some of the important fundamentals of personal growth.

I guess the only thing we won’t cover is whether the word is “Journaling” or “Journalling” – The internet seems ambiguous and divided on that one! Here’s the poster for the event.

Proudly wearing the Kilt

All over the planet at this time of the year, people meet together to celebrate the life and works of Scottish poet Robert Burns. The event is called the Burn’s Supper, and is typically held on the anniversary of his birth, January 25th. Here in Saskatchewan, a Burn’s night was held in the small town (1500 population) of Carlyle last night. The date might have been off, but the spirits were high as almost 100 people gathered in the town theatre. There was piping, Celtic music, plenty of Haggis, Scottish beer and whiskey, and of course featured readings of poems by Burns.

I was honoured by the opportunity to serve as the featured speaker, giving the address known as “The Immortal Memory” and making the toast to Scotland’s most famous literary figure. Of course, for me it was an opportunity to wear my beloved highland outfit again, despite the -20c temperatures! The outfit is actually more than 35 years old now, it belonged to my late father, who was also a great Burns aficionado.  In fact, in the inside pocket of the jacket, there still remains a program for a Burn’s Supper in Fort Augustus in 2002, at which my dad spoke, wearing this very outfit.

And so, the outfit was worn in honour of my Dad, as was his wedding ring and golden watch, a present from my late mum on their Golden Anniversary in 2001. And in my pocket was one of my grandfather’s world war one medals, to remember the Cunningham side of my heritage as well as the Kerr. And, that was fitting too, for it is through the Cunningham side that family tradition says I am related to Rabbie Burns… And like him, I too am now an author.

The book helps celebrate Summer Solstice in Yorkton

Interesting day. I had laser treatments in both eyes this afternoon as glaucoma prevention. Meanwhile, outside the doctor’s office the street was closed for the summer solstice street festival. There, Laurie Renton was setting up her financial services booth. Laurie is an amazing advocate of my book. She gave copies to her clients as Christmas gifts last year, and presented one to best-selling author Robert Holden in Scotland this Spring. She had a draw at her booth, and a copy of my book was the prize. So grateful for this beautiful friend and encourager.