“The real me” – Part one

I had a doctor’s visit yesterday, specifically with an allergist. You see, for the past two months I’ve been breaking out in hives all over my body every day! Thank goodness they are not itchy, but they are certainly a way of keeping a person humble! I’d been so proud of myself for releasing nearly 30 pounds of unwanted weight this year, maybe too proud… And now… Yuck! 100+ hives greeting me in the mirror every morning!

Anyway, back to my story. I’d given the allergist a copy of “This Book is the Perfect Gift” on my first visit a few weeks ago, and yesterday he told me he’d read it and enjoyed it. He said it was very positive, and then added, “I feel as though I got to know the real you.” Wow, he’s the second person to tell me that after reading the book! So how did I answer him? I answered him honestly.

Yes, the book does reveal the real me. It embraces many of my life experiences and draws lessons from them. It openly admits to victories, and shares positive life strategies for victorious living. But it also shows a degree of vulnerability, it equally admits to faults and failings. Remember the old Tom and Jerry cartoons? Often you’d see a character with a little angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other. These two would be attempting to motivate old Tom to either do good or bad. Well, the real me is a little like that. Maybe it is better to say the “authentic” me is like that.

Just because I’ve been blessed to put my name on the cover of a very positive and uplifting book does not mean that I think, or act, positively all the time. The great Jim Rohn was once asked how he was doing with the stuff he taught, and his answer was brilliant. “Don’t look too close” he said. I am the same! It’s not that I don’t know what to do, it’s that I don’t always do what I know. Yes the positive little angel (my higher self) knows how to be the man who wrote that book, but the lower self, the little devil (the ego), all-too-often takes over as the default nature, and suddenly the positive is pushed aside in a torrent of fear, doubt, and worry.

Does that make me a hypocrite? At one time I thought it did. But no, it only makes me human, very very authentically so. I’m not some guru who has already attained perfection, I am a fellow traveler on the same journey of life as each and every one of my readers. All I can do is what all of us can do, that is to do the best we can with the conditions life has given us, and to share the insights we’re blessed to attain, while continuing to take life one day at a time. And maybe, in that sheer transparent honesty, there is revealed one secret as to why people are falling in love with this book. Within its pages they not only catch a vision of the positive person they can become, but also see reflections of the faltering human being they often are. That’s life, real life!  It’s part of who I really am, and part of who you really are.

BUT.. It’s only part of the story. Watch for a future blog post as I continue to talk about “The real me.”

Love and Light


Author Emily A. Francis with her copy of the book

Nice to receive this picture from my fellow author, Emily A. Francis. Emily says this about my book, “This beautiful book really is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a daily reminder to embrace life! Filled with daily affirmations and explanations to lift your spirit and change the perspective. I recommend this to everyone who needs a pick me up and a reminder that life is a sacred gift that is meant to be treasured.” If you use Instagram, please give Emily a like or follow @emilyafrancisbooks.

“This book has changed my life”

A few months ago I popped into a coffee shop in a small Saskatchewan town, just to grab a latte. A man sitting at a corner table noticed me, and as we made eye contact I recognized him as one of the people who’d bought a copy of the book last year during a book reading event. As we sat and chatted, he said something to me that literally brought a tear to my eye. He thanked me for writing the book and said, “This book has changed my life.”

I really needed that positive encouragement. Yes, even I, Kenneth James Kerr “The Encourager” needs to be on the receiving end of encouragement now and again. What that reader did not know is that I had become discouraged as an author after watching a video course by a big-name writer. This individual came right out and stated that every book must be extensively market tested, professionally edited several times, and have its layout and cover designed by design experts. He made it obvious that in his eyes any book not being produced in this way was not only worthless but also doomed to fail.

My book could boast none of these characteristics, and since I had gone to this man for expert advice on book marketing, my heart sank… as did my faith in my own work.

I literally ignored my book for months (that’s why I’ve been so silent on this web page!). I even began to wonder what other career I should pick instead of being an author. And then fate stepped in and I met this gentle soul at the coffee shop.

I told my unexpected encourager what had happened, and he softly said, “The first instant that he started to make you doubt your work, you should have walked away from that course.” He reminded me just how life-changing the book really is, JUST AS IT IS, and told me to keep on going with it because it is an amazing book.

And so I decided to try an experiment. With enough time having passed for me to be objective about it, I started to read my book as if I was a reader coming to it for the first time. I flipped through pages randomly over a month, made a note of the date at the top of the page, and wrote my own notes in each page, just as I had instructed others to do. Amazingly, I discovered synchronicity after synchronicity, as the book just randomly presented me with the right ideas at the right time. Many times my handwritten notes would end with, “This really IS life changing!”

Thank God for my encourager that day, and thank God for restoring my confidence in the beautiful book that I was honoured to have brought into form as moved by the silent inspiration of a source higher than myself. May the book be a blessing to you too.

Love and Light