The Rock radio station ROCKS!

Station manager Dennis Dyck (left), with Author Kenneth James Kerr (right), at the Rock 98.5, Yorkton, on September 19th.

I was really delighted to spend an awesome day in the company of the manager and staff of The Rock 98.5, in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, on September 19th. My daughter and I had been invited there by station manager Dennis Dyck, and it was a superb experience. To begin with, I was able to share copies of the book with staff members at their weekly meeting. Each copy was autographed of course! Then, I shared the story of how the book came about through a personal challenge of mine, and several vignettes were read from the book itself.

Meeting over, Dennis then took us round the city in the station’s van, introducing us to some of the local business leaders. Once more, it was an opportunity to discuss this beautiful book, and share the vision of the positive impact it is not only making now, but is going to make as knowledge of it grows globally. An invitation was extended by one car dealer to come back and do a motivational presentation to his staff. I look forward to serving his business in that capacity.

Thank you Dennis for being a great host, and I look forward to the live interview coming up on October 10th. Will write about that when it’s done.