Website completely redesigned and rebranded

Hi folks,

I trust you are having a wonderful “Good Friday.”

If indeed this is a time to celebrate resurrections, then it is fitting that this website has been completely redesigned, rebranded, and resurrected! No longer does it highlight and feature only “This Book is the Perfect Gift”, instead it now features EIGHT available books (with ordering links to our printer), and TWO currently-available workshops/events. There will be more coming shortly as I announce other workshops, audio releases, etc.

The current URL ( still brings you here, but other URLs will be pointed to this site as well. I am just waiting for their admin changes to go live, and I’ll let you know when they are live.

The “author’s Blog” is now the “Blog/News” section, and of course I still have my 2019 reading list, although I’ll now only report on  books AFTER completing them!

Hope you like the new look.




We’re Hiring

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated people to represent our branded edition service to companies in their area of the USA and Canada. Sales experience is certainly preferred, as is the inner drive to be a self starter. The position is considered self-employed, so successful candidates will be responsible for their own taxation issues, insurances, etc. Earnings are entirely commission-based and related to the setting up of accounts. Contact me to indicate your interest in being part of our growth by using the contact form HERE.

Introducing Branded Editions

Imagine having a custom edition of the book that’s designed to brand your corporate or business image. We can place your business logo on the front cover, along with a message stating “A gift of appreciation from…”  We will work with you to customize the “to/from” page to provide a personal greeting, and then add your logo and contact details to the back cover too. This is the perfect business gift because people don’t throw away books they value. They will forever remember who they got it from, so it’s like giving them a business card on steroids. There is a setup fee, and two levels of discount from the cover price, depending on your ordering requirements. Great for real estate brokers, auto dealerships, insurance brokers, dental offices, chiropractors, network marketers, etc. For a personal consultation and quote, please email us using the contact form at the link below.