One book – Three editions

Being a solo entrepreneur/author is never easy. Not only do you have to write the book, edit it, design the cover, typeset it, and publish it, but you also have to market it. And all this on your own. While my talent is clearly in the earlier aspects of this process, my limitation is the marketing. I could sure do with a team working with me, or even acting as a sounding board. The solo route almost guarantees that there will be starts and mis-starts, and u-turns along the way. Such has been my experience.

Recently, I thought that I’d leverage the journaling seminars I’ve been doing by creating a re-branded book. I spent a month going down a rabbit hole that finally had me questioning my approach. Sure, there were some reasons for the idea, but when it came down to it, it would have destroyed what is clearly the very best book I have ever written. And so, we’re back on course. The journaling books have been shelved for now, and the focus is where it needs to be, the promotion and marketing of This Book is the Perfect Gift.

And with that renewed focus (which feels good by the way), I am herewith announcing that we have one book, with three editions. These are:-

1. The all-new Legacy edition (Casewrap hardback). It’s drop dead gorgeous, with a glossy hard cover that makes it really feel like a gift!

2. The standard paperback (the one you’ve seen for the last year or so)

3. The branded edition for ultimate personalization and/or corporate branding.

These three editions form the integrated product line for the rest of 2019 and into 2020. There have also been some price changes, with the Canadian paperback being reduced to an official $20 CAD cover price.

Coming soon will be the official announcement of a now in-planning affiliate program. But for now, you are invited to peruse the above-mentioned product line at the link HERE

Here’s to the advancement of the book, and the mission behind it – the encouraging of millions of people.




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