Encouragement Evenings

Encouragement Evening (60 to 90-minute events)

This event is perfect for groups of people who already have some common association together or existing rapport. (Clubs, churches, service organizations, etc.) as open idea sharing and discussion is encouraged.

It is unscripted and makes use of “This Book is the Perfect Gift” as the centerpiece of the evening. It is therefore essential that each attendee has their own copy of the book, and the cost of the book should be factored into the attendance fee.

The informal experience runs like this.

  1. The host welcomes and introduces Kenneth.
  2. Kenneth talks about the urgent need for encouragement in today’s world.
  3. Kenneth then picks vignettes from the book at random, reads them, and talks about them spontaneously.
  4. Attendees follow along in their own book, and are then invited to journal their thoughts about each vignette.
  5. Discussion is encouraged on each vignette, as are questions.
  6. No two encouragement evenings will be the same. It is random and spontaneous!
  7. Group-directed Encouragement Evenings can be continued after Kenneth’s first event on a licensed basis. Details will be made available to a group leader if the group shows interest in ongoing meetings after the first event.

Ready to set up your first encouragement evening in your city/town? Please contact Kenneth HERE. to discuss it.