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There are THREE ordering options!


1. Paperback Edition

The paperback edition contains the original 182 vignettes for your encouragement. If you’re located in Canada please use the first link below. Customers outside of Canada please use the second link below. Once on the printer’s page, select your appropriate currency using the small round flag at the top of their page.  The Canadian cover price is $21.50 CAD (plus shipping and taxes). The US cover price is $14.99 USD (plus shipping and taxes). These links take you directly to our printer’s website.

ORDER PAPERBACK HERE (Customers in Canada)

ORDER PAPERBACK HERE (Customers outside Canada)


2. The Deluxe Hardback Edition

The deluxe hardback edition of the book is also now available. It includes all 182 vignettes from the paperback, and then adds an additional 18 new vignettes to bring the total to 200 vignettes. It includes an expanded introduction suggesting eight different ways to read the book, and it also adds a subject index at the back of the book. The deluxe hardback is manufactured in a durable case bound red linen, and comes with a full-color dust cover. It is priced at $24.99 US Dollars (plus shipping and taxes). This edition also ships globally.



3. The Branded Paperback Edition

Imagine having a custom edition of the book that’s designed to brand your corporate or business image. We can place your business logo on the front cover, along with a message stating “A gift of appreciation from…”  We will work with you to customize the “to/from” page to provide a personal greeting, and then add your logo and contact details to the back cover too. This is the perfect business gift because people don’t throw away books they value. They will forever remember who they got it from, so it’s like giving them a business card on steroids. There is a one-time $200 setup fee, and when your branded edition is published you will gain access to one of three levels of discount from the cover price (depending on the quantity of your FIRST order). Great for real estate brokers, auto dealerships, insurance brokers, dental offices, chiropractors, network marketers, etc. For a personal consultation and quote, please email us using the contact form at the link below. We are also offering sales positions to promote this service in the USA and Canada.