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Sample page 1

“Hope is not inevitable, but it is essential.

When you face various trials in life, how do you view the road ahead? If you drop into fear, doubt, and worry, you’re not going to visualize a bright future, are you? But, wait a minute, the future is not cast in stone. This means you do not have to imagine it being dismal.

As a spiritual being you have the right and ability to visualize whatever you want, and that includes seeing improvement. In a word, you can have hope.

When you hope for something, it is no guarantee that the hoped-for outcome will come to pass, but it’s a whole lot better than sitting round moping about a situation. Hope changes you in the present moment because it is positive use of the imagination, and it stimulates possibility thinking.

To live without hope is to live with the expectation of defeat. To live with hope is to leave the door open for victory. How hopeful are you for a better tomorrow? Who makes the choice as to how you think?


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Sample page 2

“When you are able to see people beyond their superficial exteriors, you will be well on your way to developing true spiritual maturity.

My mum was confined to a wheelchair for 38 years following a brain hemorrhage. Mentally she was fine, but people invariably would say hello to her, and then ask dad how she was doing. They did not see a woman in a wheelchair, they saw a wheelchair with a woman in it.

One of the most advanced characteristics of spiritual maturity is to see people beyond their exterior conditions. That’s not easy to do, because we have been brainwashed by commerce and Hollywood into believing that looks are everything, and that external appearances are the measure of a man or woman’s worth.

But, if we are ever to grow as a species, we must look beyond the disability, the color of the skin, the race, the age of the body and even male or female. We must also discount differences of gender, religion and politics if we are ever to become truly spiritual. Spiritual maturity does not judge externals. It only sees the common spiritual essence that we all share.

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Sample page 3

“No external circumstance, event, or person, ever creates your feelings. You do.

Where do your feelings come from? I don’t mean a feeling of pain when you stub your toe going up the stairs, I mean your emotional feelings, like happiness, sadness, joy and fear.

Very often, people make the assumption that their feelings are created by outside circumstances. The person watches the negative news half the day and they say, “The news has made me feel so frightened.” Or, they get into an argument and shout, “You make me feel so angry you do!”

While it is true that outside situations do create the stimuli and can be the catalyst for our feelings, it is very important to understand that the feelings themselves are created by ourselves, according to how we think about the outside event. If it were any other way we’d be permanent victims.

You are a magnificently-powerful being who can process events, reason them through, and think about how to respond or react to them. You can choose your feelings by choosing your thoughts, so choose well!

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Sample page 4

“You are moving through infinity, and the infinite is moving through you, don’t live according to limitations any longer.

Space is infinite, and although we don’t always think about it, we’re living on a giant ball moving through infinity at dazzling speed. God is infinite, and ancient sages said, “In him we live, and move, and have our being.” You are moving through infinity, and infinity is moving through you. You are also infinite, a spiritual being without beginning or end.

So why are you so wrapped up in living with limitations? When you feel the need to pray, that’s your infinite spirit calling out to an infinite creative source and tapping into an infinite resource. When the universe responds, that’s infinite potential being drawn to you.

What could you become if you really grasped these truths? What incredible acts of loving kindness and service could you render to your fellow men and women? What could you create that would change your life and the lives of others? How could you serve a higher purpose and make a difference? Today, expand your consciousness with these profound ideas.

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Sample page 5

“The thing you most want the world to become, must first be reflected in yourself.

What do you want the world to become more of today? Someone says. “I want the world to be more loving.” Another person affirms, “I want the world to be more peaceful.” Yet another suggests, “I want the world to be kinder.” Here’s an amazing truth, the very thing you want the world to become, you need to become more of yourself in order to encourage it.

None of us lives in total isolation, in fact, the whole world is interconnected in one consciousness. If you want the world to be more loving it must begin by you being more loving in your own local world. The same goes for every positive and empowering result you would seek.

If you go out into the world today with the intention of simply being a kind person, and you show kindness to other people, you might encourage some of them to pass on that kindness through their own actions towards others. The old song says, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.” What spark can you ignite today? Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Sample page 6

When you are fenced in by the opinions other people have of you, maybe it’s time to build a gate and get out!

One of the biggest curses of modern society is the belief that other people’s opinions of us matter. We are so very concerned about what “they” will think, or about what “they” will say. If they say something good about us, then we might feel great, but God forbid they might say something bad instead.

Well, I have news for you. What “they” think about you is none of your business, unless you make it your business. You do not have to be fenced in by the opinions other people have of you.

The teacher who thinks you cannot pass the class is only expressing their opinion, it need not become your reality. You do not need to become a jerk just because your co-worker calls you one.

You are your own person. Build a gate when you are fenced in by the opinions of others, then choose your own empowering image of yourself and proudly run through that gate as fast as your legs can carry you.

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Sample page 7

When you brighten someone else’s life with a word of genuine appreciation, you shine a loving light into your own heart too.

In this book I’ve written a fair bit about gratitude, and that is a very deliberate move on my part. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can develop, for it brings along with it tremendous positive energy that can heal a person on so many levels.

So, who or what are you grateful to? The religious person will of course say that they are grateful to God for all of their blessings, and those who are spiritually-minded might direct their thanks towards life or the universe, or the source. But who else can you be thankful to?

There are people in your life right now who contribute tremendous value to you. They love and care for you, offering their support in so many ways. How long has it been since you said “thank you” to them? If you take someone for granted long enough, they will begin to feel unappreciated.

Identify two people to say thanks to today. Tell them how much they mean to you and you will brighten both their life and your own.

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Sample page 8

Don’t wait until tomorrow to do the good that can be done today.

We all know that procrastination is just plain daft. Typically, when we do notice ourselves doing it, we’re procrastinating over something we don’t want to do. So we put off working on our taxes, writing our will, and making that appointment with the dentist.

Yes, it’s human nature to avoid getting on with the unpleasant things. But, here’s the problem with procrastination. Once it becomes a habit and takes hold of a person, they begin to put off doing good things as well. Does this describe you?

You know you should call a family member and make sure they are ok, but there’s a reality show coming up on TV and you’d rather watch that. The dog’s claws need clipping, but it’s a bother to call the vet. You would benefit by learning how to meditate, but you hesitate because it means making some changes. It is so easy to fall into this trap. So, right now ask this. “What good thing can I do today instead of leaving it to tomorrow?”

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Sample page 9

Love is… Taking time to be thankful to God for the blessing of simply being alive.

What is the greatest blessing of your life? Think about that for a moment. Is it your health? Is it your family? Is it your possessions? Actually, all of these are dependent on one blessing, and are therefore inferior to it. You see, the greatest blessing of your life is simply being alive.

Never take for granted the enormity of  the fact that you showed up on this planet and that you are still here. Your life itself is an absolute miracle. From your conception to your birth, from your entire personal history to your current moment, it is all a once-in-a-lifetime, once-in-eternity experience. No matter what you think of eternity, regardless of your belief in an afterlife, right now you are you, and you are here.

Therefore, it is the ultimate expression of love to not only be aware of the profoundness of the blessing, but to also be thankful for it. When you are tempted to ask God or the universe for something that you feel is lacking, take time first to be genuinely appreciative of the miracle of simply being.

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Sample page 10

“Achieving greatness in the outer world begins by understanding that you have greatness in your inner world.”

One of my most-inspiring mentors over the years often says, “You have greatness within you.” What an amazing thought. So here’s a fantastic question to ask yourself today. “How much more could I do in life if I truly believed that I have greatness within me?”

You do have greatness within you. Whether you believe it or not, it is still there. However, accessing all the greatness and turning the potential into performance demands belief. If you believe that you are capable of great things, then you will access the great potential that resides within, but if you believe yourself to be mediocre and limited, that’s exactly how you will be.

You are great because you have an unlimited imagination to conceive of anything that you want. You are great because you are a spiritual being with unlimited potential. You are great because the spark of the creative mastermind behind the entire universe illuminates your soul. Don’t sell yourself short, your inner greatness awaits outer expression.

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