What do people say?

This beautiful book really is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a daily reminder to embrace life! Filled with daily affirmations and explanations to lift your spirit and change the perspective. I recommend this to everyone who needs a pick me up and a reminder that life is a sacred gift that is meant to be treasured.”

Emily A. Francis (USA). The author of “Stretch Therapy” (Blue River Press), “Witchy Mama” (Llewellyn Worldwide), and “The Body Heals Itself” (Llewellyn Worldwide release Fall 2017).

First of all, I love the title of your new book. It is quite apropos. It is a great gift and one that keeps on giving. Second, it provides an authentic and inspirational read. Congratulations for producing something that will be of value to many, many people.”

Leslie Fieger (CANADA). The author of “The Delfin Trilogy.”

(Visit www.lesliefieger.com)

“It’s quite amazing how when there’s a day of uncertainty or a time I feel I need a question answered, I will pick up this book and open it up randomly and when I read the page, “The Answer” comes to me. I love how the Universe serves us and how we are here to serve. I highly recommend having this book on your coffee table. I will be buying copies as Christmas gifts for clients this year.” Laurie (CANADA). Financial Advisor, working with a Holistic money model called the Discovery Program.

I just came across an amazing book with equally amazing title, “This Book Is The Perfect Gift” by author, Kenneth James Kerr. If you have been looking for perfect gift for loved ones and people you care about, this is the one I would highly recommend. The best gift we can receive or give is a gift that would in some way improve or change our life for better, and this book If used Daily will do just that, for you!

Ivan Zitek (CANADA). Speaker, author, health & wellness coach.

(Visit www.atouchofgreatness.ca)

Using the wisdom contained in this sweet book as my daily morning ritual has helped me begin each day at the top of the spiritual mountain. Everything else is downhill from there. Thank you Kenneth, the book is aptly named.

Steve D’Annunzio (USA). Spiritual teacher at Mission Driven Advisor.

(Visit www.missiondrivenadvisor.com)

An uplifting read! Highly recommended, and a great gift for sure!

Geri (CANADA). Homemaker.

The book is my go-to when I need a boost of inspiration to remind myself to keep charging forward. I keep it on my desk, so when I take a break from work, I read it and feel recharged and renewed to push through the hurdles.

Brenda (CANADA). Newspaper publisher.

“What a wonderful book this is. It reminds us of the inner worlds and the vastness of our deep yearning to express the fullness of our individual soul. A little every day. Bite-sized Ahahs. I love the invitation on each page to journal new insights and epiphanies. Add one Ahah to your life every day and you will grow exponentially. Thank you, Kenneth!”

Udana Power (USA). CEO/Founder: The Friendchise®: The Inner Work That Makes the Outer Work.

“This is an awesome book. I have made it my end of day read. Sets my mind up perfectly for a relaxed sound sleep. I read it by randomly opening it at any page. It is amazing how whichever page I open it at has real meaning for that moment in my life. Thanks, Kenneth.”

Harry (CANADA). Healthy Ageing Coach.

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